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Tale of Two Cities, Resource Page  

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1 Dickens' Biography Print Page

1.Worksheet The First

* Fill out with worksheet the first with everything you already know about Charles Dickens


    4. Video and Worksheet The Third

    *Watch the video while filling out worksheet the third


    6. Quiz


    2. A Summary Of Charles Dickens

       Charles Dickens is a renound author and speaker, know for his novels such as Oliver TwistA Christmas Carol, and after his so called "dark period" came his novel A Tale Of Two Cities

       Born on Feburary 7th, 1812 as Charles John Huffam Dickens, is where it all began. A poor family just trying to make it through, his father a naval clerk and his mother aspiring to be a teacher, they didn't ever have very much money. Charles was the second of eight kids in his family, making him one of the oldest siblings in the Dickens family. His father tended to spend money that the family just didn't have, plunging them into major debt. In 1824, Charles father John was arrested and thrown in jail for this debt he had put them in. This resulted in Charles needing to quit school and move his life to a boot-blacking factory to support his family with only six shillings a week. He often felt abandoned and alone when it came to the adults in his life, particularly his caretakers. That later on becomes a recurring theme in most of his novels. Then again in 1827 Charles was forced to drop out of his education to become an office boy and support his family.

       His whole career branched off of this journalism background as a kid. In his later life is when most of his success came with the writing of a now classic novel Oliver Twist. After his novels triumph he had much trouble matching such a success with his other books. Soon following the release of Oliver Twist him and his wife Catherine went on a five month long tour of the United States together, before Charles then distanced himself from her presence in 1858 after the birth of their ten children. During all this he kept good relations with his mistress Ellen Ternan. Charles' 76 readings brought in no less that $95,000, the equivalent of $1.5 million today. 1845 rolled around sooner than later with Charles year long trip to Italy. Then came the 1850s when he suffered major loss in his family, the death of both his father and daughter. 

       Sadly every life comes to an end, his more abrupt than most. Charles Dickens got in a car accident in 1865 that he never fully recover from, leaving him with permanent damage. He continued on speaking for the five years that led up to his sudden death in 1870. It was June 9th, 1870 when he finally passed away at age 58, years after the accident. Charles led a hectic life full of fame, money and betrayed love. His final resting place lays among the residents at Westminster Abbey. 


    7. Worksheet The Fourth

    *Construct, revise and have a peer critique a handwritten essay using the format given on worksheet the fifth

      3. Worksheet The Second

      *Pick one of the following articles to read and fill out the Compare and Contrast worksheet


      5. Symbolic Artwork

      *Analyze the picture and draw conclusions as to who you think the girl is and why

      A Tale Of Two Cities

      8. Learning Targets

      *I can complete each activity thouroughly without skipping over anything

      *I can learn 5+ new things that I didn't know before

      *I can use each box to its full potential and gain new knowledge after every activity

      *I can take away as much as possible from this educational webpage

      *I can have fun while learning about Charles Dickens and his life


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